Welcome to the Grow Green India Foundation (GGIF), where we believe that “Sustainable and Renewable Energy” is the lifeblood of the future. The GGIF is “CSR Consulting Group” which strongly support and promote environment related initiatives undertaken by Corporates, NGO’s and Individuals & Society at large. We execute social projects / initiative’s for Corporate in an organization manner to invest the CSR fund for right people and right cause. The projects / initiative’s which will bring the sustainable technologies into the mainstream and which will help us become more energy independent. GGIF provides its expertise for implementation clean energy resource by working with such likeminded people who believe in the betterment for the health of the environment. As a bright and a green tomorrow await us, it is our responsibility and opportunity to join hands and create a success story for India.

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Consultancy in CSR

GGIF is a CSR consulting Trust which will help you in turning your CSR projects into realty. Whether it is providing assistance on corporate social responsibility initiatives, planning a rural development project through the sustainable / renewable technologies or it can be integrated green technology in your infrastructure. Our professional team can provide you with the required knowledge, implementation strategies and efficient products etc and above all ensures that your project is innovative, sustainable, timely and one which fits your financial goals.

Any organization through its CSR initiatives would like to see its efforts making some real impact. Initiatives which are innovative and can set examples for other organizations to follow in achieving long terms benefits, as well as sustainable inclusive growth for those who are in need. Today, CSR is one of the fastest growing issues across the business world, as Companies increasingly recognize that real and sustained value can be generated through well managed strategic CSR and sustainability programs. Society has an increasing impact on business. Business man are turning to CSR to become more ethical, environmentally – conscious and respectful to their people and communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an opportunity to reflect on your impact on society. It can become the backbone of your business, guideline decision – making and saving you money. The essence of a strong CSR Program is to recognize the impact on the success of your business’s objectives and manage these relationships in a way that delivers enhanced value for your company.

The Grow Green India Foundation is focused on being a leader in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility through its innovative ideas. We have developed and established a comprehensive set of sustainable social initiatives that facilitate good social service to society at large which can be best approach to operating your business. The Green Group India Foundation has a large number of NGO’s connected with us to execute the proper project and insure the sustainability through it. Also our detailed research on needy villages and schools for underprivileged is going on and we are adding in our database to reach the help generate from CSR can reach to proper people through proper channel. We work with all kinds if business, large and small, helping develop corporate social responsibility and sustainable programs.

Our expertise will enable you to successfully undertake a wide range of projects:

a) Village / Rural – School adoption through Pure Energy – Water & Solar Etc
b) Urban Development through implementation and integration of Green and Clean technology
c) Other social events which you might want us to customize as per your CSR goals and responsibility.

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Rajeev Saikia Founder & CEO

Highly qualified and dedicated professionals drawn from the best of Academic background, Having experience of over 27 Years in catering to the Financial Market, Infrastructure Technology, Retail Design Industry and last but not least is the Water and Waste Water.

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